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Specializing in providing gas turbine consumables and outage kits for the following models:

  • Frame 5

  • Frame 6B

  • Frame 7B/E/EA

  • Frame 7FA .01/.02/.03/.04/.05



Immediate Inventory


IGT Spares carries over $2M of ready to ship inventory to insure we can deliver to customers when they need the parts. This is a true advantage for emergency situations

Fully Stocked Outage Consumable Kits


IGT Spares is the only 3rd Party who can deliver complete outage kits for combustion, hot gas path and major inspection intervals for GE heavy frame gas turbines

Stock of Raw Material & Manufacturing


IGT Spares stocks long lead item super alloy material to insure short manufacturing times. 

The company also has an established supply chain to have multiple manufacturing suppliers at its disposal to meet surge demands

Expert Knowledge


IGT Spares knows beyond the part numbers to counsel our customers on upgrades and other options.

With greater than 20 years in the industry, we have proven experience that you can trust

Support of Advanced Gas Path (AGP) Turbines


In addition to supporting the GE 7FA.03, IGT Spares can fully execute consumables for the 7FA.04 and .05 engines

Customer Service


IGT Spares works 24 hours a day to meet customer schedules

Management of our customer's outage kits is a full time responsibility and value added service

Value Proposition


When planning an outage event, having the nuts/bolts/gaskets and other consumable items required to put the gas turbine back together is typically an afterthought until an outage is halted because of a missing item with the subsequent mad scramble to procure the missing component. The challenge is that many companies, including the OEM, are not stocking every item and are providing long lead times to fulfill the orders. 

The vision realized by IGT Spares is to offer fully stocked outage kits to support outage events and to support our customers during unplanned outage events. While many companies talk about having outage kits, IGT Spares has the knowledge, experience and PROVEN history of executing on this vision. 

IGT Spares continues to be successful in this market space by committing to hold a vast inventory of parts along with the raw material to ensure that we can always manufacture parts on a timely basis. 


About Us

Since 2004, IGT Spares has been working with customers to meet their consumable needs in the power generation market. 


The company was founded by a team of power generation professionals with over 20+ years of experience contributing their  knowledge and insight to deliver added value to its customer base during planned and unplanned outage events. 

IGT Spares specializes on the small parts that are critical to the assembly of the General Electric heavy frame gas turbines. We have proven experience you can trust. 



Complete Outage Kits​

  • Combustion Inspection

  • Hot Gas Path Inspection

  • Major Inspection

  • Cross Fire Tubes

  • Cross Fire Tube Retainers

  • Flame Detectors

  • Spark Plug Leads

  • Check Valves

  • Flex Hose

  • Gaskets

  • Crush Gaskets (C-Seals)

  • Ignition Ignitors

  • E-Seals (W-Seals)

  • Seal Pins

  • Twist Locks

  • Platform Seal Pins

  • Lock Wire

  • Retaining Pins

  • Shank Seal Pins

  • Flat Seals

  • Spacers

  • Shims

  • Bolts

  • Nuts




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1675 King Street Enfield, CT 06082

Tel:  860-394-9300


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